“Oh my gosh, this is so awesome, and something I need to do more [of]!”

Brenna McGowen, Copywriter & Product Launch Specialist

You can turn feelings of overcommitment and burnout around, and it starts with knowing how to rest well.

With this mini-course, I help:

Ministry Leaders

Consultants & Coaches




Home Managers

Stay-at-home Moms

Career Moms

 begin living a more rested life.

This mini-course includes the following:

  • The 7 Ways to Rest Video Mini-Course

  • A Guided Prayer on Rest

  • A 30-Day Rest Scripture Writing Plan

  • A meditation to help you quiet your thoughts and transition from work tasks in order to focus on family and rest.

Quiz results: Donna Johnson

"As I'm listening to the street sweeper go past the house, I recognize the vibration and noise are bothering me and disrupting my usually quiet morning. I agree with my test results for needing Sensory Rest."

Quiz results: Elise Erickson

"According to my results, Creative Rest is what I'm needing right now!"

“Deanna helped me identify activities that are extremely restful to me - others may find my activities stressful, but I don't... and that's OK!”

Tiffany McKinnon Russell, Homeschool Mentor & Performing Arts Manager

“Deanna actually helped me be more productive by incorporating consistent rest into my life.”

Michelle Wiedenbenner, Founder of Moms with Addicted Loved Ones

Your Instructor

Deanna Mason

I'm Deanna Mason, Bible Teacher, Marketing Consultant, and Founder of Needle Movers for Social Equity (501c3), which is dedicated to closing equity gaps in literacy for people of color, and to using Biblical literacy to bridge and heal communities in America and around the world. Through my podcast, consulting, courses, and community, I work to develop healing hearts with inductive approaches to Bible study and refresh ministry leaders with weekly Sabbath rest.

You can exchange an overcommitted life for one that feels rested.

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